Ready for change?

Organizations and individuals alike benefit from a partner who can help structure your goals, make a plan, and clear the barriers that stand in your way.

Whether you’re ready to level up, unsure about where you should be heading next, or simply feeling stuck, I’m here to help.

Have you reached new levels of success, only to find yourself feeling dissatisfied?

Aimed for the stars, and found yourself stalled along the way?

Wondering when you would be fulfilled by a job?

Daydreamed about escaping your day job to do *anything else*?

Achieved all of your goals and wondered what was next?


Here’s the truth: satisfaction at work isn’t all mindset, and it isn’t all skills. It’s a combination of the two. 

It’s one part deciding that you’ll love what you have, and it’s one part identifying the ways you can make it better. 

It’s one part creating your own definition of success, and one part implementing tips and tricks to ease your frustrations. 

It’s one part taking the lead your way, and it’s one part listening for the cues around you.

It’s letting go of the “should I stay or should I go” mentality, and diving into the meat of the core issues. 

You spend too much time at work to be miserable. Hell, you spend too much time at work to be even remotely dissatisfied. 

You get to be in charge of your career, no matter where you work or what you do. 

I’m here to solve for x, so you can relax and enjoy your success!

Leadership Coaching

Leadership doesn’t have to be lonely. Partner with me to make your vision a reality. Develop your toolkit, build on your strengths, strengthen your confidence, and plan your next steps.

Dreamify Your Job

Whether you have already gotten your dream job and need support, or want help to make that dream job happen, I’m here to help. High achievers encounter a special kind of frustration and disappointment, and this program will help you turn it around.

Happy Clients

"Kathryn is a seasoned and highly knowledgeable professional, bringing years of leadership and expertise running organizations. I’ve personally been coached by her, and highly recommend her for coaching or consulting services!"

Cindy J.

"I began working with Kathryn because I was unhappy in my current job and wanted to explore new options, but did not know how to do so. Kathryn skillfully assisted me in the application and interview processes. She is competent, patient and highly intuitive. She also helped me work through issues which were keeping me from moving into a new career path. Working with Kathryn improved my confidence and educated me in ways beyond employment to help me to cope with situations in and out of the workplace. I absolutely loved my time with Kathryn and would certainly work with her again! Don't hesitate. Sign-up with her and start your own transformation. You won't be sorry!"

Jessica S.

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