Dreamify Your Job

Is your dream job turning out to be a disaster?

Kathryn, I landed my dream job – but it doesn’t feel like I thought it would…

I have to prove myself…

Others are trying to sabotage me…

My boss isn’t who I thought she was…

And now I’m trying to decide if it’s even worth it.

I get it, if you’re a high achiever it can be easier to reach for the next achievement, and then, once you reach the highest heights — well, sometimes there’s a plateau, or even a letdown. 

What you dreamed of isn’t matching reality. 

I’ve been there. I’ve climbed the ladder and found myself at the highest points, feeling disappointed, confused, and anxious about performing up to expectations. 

In this three-month program, we will work on turning your experience around, so you can develop the skills to manage your new environment, to decide what you want to hold onto and what to let go of, and move yourself towards the job — and life — of your *real* dreams.

About Kathryn Gonnerman

As a Certified Professional Diversity Coach, Kathryn Gonnerman provides a personalized pathway for high achievers to achieve new levels of success in a sustainable way. She has coached a broad spectrum of changemakers including foundation executives, clergy, fast-tracked corporate professionals, and youth leaders.

As a 20-year veteran of the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, she brings personal experience as well as a deep understanding of organizational and leadership development, social change organizations, marketing, fundraising, and grantmaking programs. She earned a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from Yale University. 

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  • 9 sessions (3 sessions per month with a rest to digest) – including 90-minute initial call
  • 3 SOS sessions – 20 minutes to address urgent or emergent issues as they come up
  • Unlimited text and email

Month 1: Mindset and Community 

Sustainable success is all about your frame of mind and the people who surround you. Explore mindset practices to ensure calm in the chaos, gratitude and ways to build your community to support you fully in your work and life. 

Month 2: Vision and Authentic Leadership

Getting to values, your vision for your work, and your authentic leadership style. Alignment between your values and your work makes everything easier. Whether you are a people-pleaser, a conflict avoider, or a BS-bomber, find ways to tap into your authentic leadership and lean into your strengths – for your own sanity and success. 

Month 3: Managing Up, Down and Sideways

At every level of success, we have more relationships to manage – whether it’s managing our bosses, influencers, or direct reports. Based on your specific needs, we’ll dive into management tips and tricks for every sticky situation. 

Package Cost: $3,200 

($1200 deposit, $1000 after month 1, $1000 after month 2)