How to Get Away with *Not* Murdering Your Boss

Are you burning out in a blaze of glory?
Having daydreams about punching out your boss?
Feeling irritable and angry about your work?

This one-day retreat will provide a personalized intensive to set you on a new path.

Feel better emotionally, take back your power, and set yourself in the direction of your dreams.

The backdrop: a relaxing spa setting, with delicious food and drink, a peaceful atmosphere, and personalized support.

The plan: based on an initial consultation before your special day, we’ll work together to gain clarity, break the patterns that are hurting you and find a way forward.

Your day includes one-on-one coaching, lunch, snacks and drinks, a massage or facial, an action plan.

Bonus: Follow-up 60 minute session within 14 days of your VIP day.

Investment: $1,500; virtual meetings available.

How a VIP Day Works:

Work with me over the course of one day and see how much you can accomplish!

A VIP day is a jumpstart.

If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait for results…

Or you’re a procrastinator and want someone to stick with you until you did the thing…

Or you don’t have a lot of time in your schedule but you could probably take a day off work for the thing that you really need to focus on…

Then a VIP day is for you!

About Kathryn Gonnerman

As a Certified Professional Diversity Coach, Kathryn Gonnerman provides a personalized pathway for high achievers to achieve new levels of success in a sustainable way. She has coached a broad spectrum of changemakers including foundation executives, clergy, fast-tracked corporate professionals, and youth leaders.

As a 20-year veteran of the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, she brings personal experience as well as a deep understanding of organizational and leadership development, social change organizations, marketing, fundraising, and grantmaking programs. She earned a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from Yale University. 




When there’s something really important that feels really hard – like reworking your resume or rethinking your work/life arrangement – the most important thing is to get started. And you might be surprised how much you can get done in one day when you’re focused and in the zone. A VIP day is designed to help you tackle the hard things – it’s my job to create a day that helps you do just that.


I’ll be with you the whole day, supporting you and helping you to stick with it. As a coach, I know how to ask good questions, when to push and how to dig deeper so that this day will be a jumpstart towards your goals. I will customize the day just for you – based on your favorite luxuries, your goals, and your challenges.


Slogging through hard things is no way to live. Just like cleaning your garage is easier with music and a friend, a VIP day is most successful when you can relax and release. I want you to feel completely supported. So if you’re a beach person – our day will be beachfront. If you need a walk after lunch – so be it! Hate massages? We’ve got alternatives.

Imagine what you could accomplish when you tackle hard things, with support and pleasure! Let’s do this!