Project New Job: How to Set Yourself Up for a New Job that You’ll Love

Get clear on what you’re looking for, revise your resume, create a cover letter template and update your social media – all in one day.



Do you know you’re ready for a new job, but can’t get your act together to take the next step?

Take one day to jumpstart your search, all while having fun and enjoying yourself!

Your day includes one-on-one coaching, lunch, snacks and drinks, a massage or facial, done-for-you resume, cover letter and LinkedIn editing on the day of.

Bonus: Follow-up 60 minute session within 14 days of your VIP day.

Investment: $1,500; virtual meetings available.

How a VIP Day Works:

Work with me over the course of one day and see how much you can accomplish!

A VIP day is a jumpstart.

If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait for results…

Or you’re a procrastinator and want someone to stick with you until you did the thing…

Or you don’t have a lot of time in your schedule but you could probably take a day off work for the thing that you really need to focus on…

Then a VIP day is for you!

About Kathryn Gonnerman

As a Certified Professional Diversity Coach, Kathryn Gonnerman provides a personalized pathway for high achievers to achieve new levels of success in a sustainable way. She has coached a broad spectrum of changemakers including foundation executives, clergy, fast-tracked corporate professionals, and youth leaders.

As a 20-year veteran of the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, she brings personal experience as well as a deep understanding of organizational and leadership development, social change organizations, marketing, fundraising, and grantmaking programs. She earned a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from Yale University. 




When there’s something really important that feels really hard – like reworking your resume or rethinking your work/life arrangement – the most important thing is to get started. And you might be surprised how much you can get done in one day when you’re focused and in the zone. A VIP day is designed to help you tackle the hard things – it’s my job to create a day that helps you do just that.


I’ll be with you the whole day, supporting you and helping you to stick with it. As a coach, I know how to ask good questions, when to push and how to dig deeper so that this day will be a jumpstart towards your goals. I will customize the day just for you – based on your favorite luxuries, your goals, and your challenges.


Slogging through hard things is no way to live. Just like cleaning your garage is easier with music and a friend, a VIP day is most successful when you can relax and release. I want you to feel completely supported. So if you’re a beach person – our day will be beachfront. If you need a walk after lunch – so be it! Hate massages? We’ve got alternatives.

Imagine what you could accomplish when you tackle hard things, with support and pleasure! Let’s do this!